Maplewood Chamber of Commerce


To join, please download the Chamber application and return the completed form, with your payment, to:

Maplewood Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 423
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Membership Classifications and Annual Dues Schedule:

A 25% new member discount will apply to first-year dues for all first-time Chamber members.

Class A - $140 - proprietorship, professional, retail and wholesale establishments with up to 15 employees

Class B - $205 - industrial, retail, and wholesale entities with over 15 employees in one location

Class C - $310 - financial institution, retail and industrial organization with two or more locations

Class D - $75 - non-profit organizations registered under 501(c)(3)

Class E - $50 - retired business owners and retired professionals

Class F - $0 - complimentary memberships

Class G - $50 - residential memberships

Class H - $100 - SOHO - small office/home office according to Township Ordinance #2139-00, specifically includes business conducted in a dwelling unit, employing only resident(s) of the unit, and the provision of music or art lessons

Dues are payable in advance. Fiscal year begins July 1.